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​I have been working with Scratchboard since 2000. I stumbled upon it while taking a painting class under the instruction of artist Helen Marioncu. I wanted to learn to paint, but the class was designed to explore other mediums to enhance perspective, and develop other techniques that could be applied to painting. Among other techniques and mediums, she introduced Scratchboard to the class.

​As she reviewed my first scratchboard, a Polar Bear, she asked if I had done this before. I told her I hadn’t even heard of Scratchboard. She indicated that working with "negative space" is commonly a challenge for many artists, and it seemed I had a natural understanding of this medium. Maybe developing my skills and techniques here is where I should consider focusing my  efforts. Upon her suggestion, I put my pursuit of painting on hold to explore greater expression in Black and White, and haven't  really looked back. 
Welcome to James Ferris Art, I’m glad you found me. I hope you enjoy my Artwork and perhaps one of my works can find that perfect spot in your home.   

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Previous events

Art Battle Halifax

(ADT, UTC-03) (ADT, UTC-03)

The Marquee Ballroom, 2037 Gottingen St, B3K 3B1, Halifax, NS

I’ll be painting live, competing against other artists, putting my creative skills to the test. It’s an incredible experience to watch. Come out and watch myself and other painters race to complete a painting in 20 minutes! 7:30 start time at the Marquee Want to follow the competition, and see what ART Battle is all about, but can't make it to the club. You can still follow it online AND VOTE. Follow this link. Register. And vote on who wins each round and who becomes the champion for the night! https://artbattle.com/events/ab2493-halifax/ Even your virtual support will be greatly appreciated 🙂 This a going to be super fun, I can't wait. Hopefully I'll see you there.

Meet the Artist

 —  —

The Dart Gallery NS, 127 Portland Street, Dartmouth, NS

James will be at The Dart Gallery on Saturday February 11 from 6:00-8:00pm. Meet the artist of this month’s featured exhibit “Such Great Heights”. Join us for an evening of imagination, art chat, and refreshments. “Keep it simple, and capture the feeling.” Using techniques and applications he’s developed in Scratchboard and Printmaking, James most recent works invites us to the top of the mountain to breathe in the fresh air. Armed with a palette knife and a simple color palette, his exhibit ‘Such Great Heights’ communicates not only the depth and temperature of the Summit, but the sublime beauty of its Peak. The subject may seem an unusual one for a ‘Navy Brat’ growing up in Dartmouth, but a wandering spirit would lead James to travel and work in the Canadian Rockies. These ‘trips’ led him to take an unconventional approach to Mountain Landscapes for this series, focusing on its Summit, as opposed to the view at a distance from below. “Both perspectives offer so much insight into our selves, but the imprint each makes on your soul is very different. The latter being a little more rare.”

On Location Livestream

The Dart Gallery NS, 127 Portland Street, Dartmouth, NS

Friday morning at 10:30am Atlantic Time, I will be going Live at The Dart Gallery for a walk through my exhibit Seeing the Line Not Drawn. I'll be talking about the inspiration, the process and the meaning of my work in Scratchboard Illustration and Linocut Printmaking. Tune in for a little Friday morning coffee talk. Here's the link for the Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/4670263659704420

Seeing The Line Not Drawn - Art Exhibit

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The Dart Gallery NS, 127 Portland Street, Dartmouth, NS

An exhibit of 21 of the most recent works by James Ferris in Scratchboard Illustration and Linocut Printmaking. The exhibit runs in the main gallery for the month of November. The gallery is open weekly Wednesday - Friday: noon - 6 Saturday: 11-4 Sunday: 11-3. The exhibit focuses on the use of Negative Space in these two traditional mediums, and how we can sometimes be led to "see" what's not there. "I like the idea of emphasizing that what is left out can be as important as what is added to the work. It’s a critical aspect of what defines the artist and their expression, and it’s a focal point for me when I’m working." ~James.

Curator: Jane MacDougald. Text or Call (902) 483-7657. @dartgalleryns