Welcome to James Ferris Art

​I have been working with Scratchboard since 2000. I stumbled upon it while taking a painting class under the instruction of artist Helen Marioncu. I wanted to learn to paint, but the class was designed to explore other mediums to enhance perspective, and develop other techniques that could be applied to painting. Among other techniques and mediums, she introduced Scratchboard to the class.

​As she reviewed my first scratchboard, a Polar Bear, she asked if I had done this before. I told her I hadn’t even heard of Scratchboard. She indicated that working with "negative space" is commonly a challenge for many artists, and it seemed I had a natural understanding of this medium. Maybe developing my skills and techniques here is where I should consider focusing my  efforts. Upon her suggestion, I put my pursuit of painting on hold to explore greater expression in Black and White, and haven't  really looked back. 
Welcome to James Ferris Art, I’m glad you found me. I hope you enjoy my Artwork and perhaps one of my works can find that perfect spot in your home.   

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