Meet the Artist

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The Dart Gallery NS, 127 Portland Street, Dartmouth, NS

James will be at The Dart Gallery on Saturday February 11 from 6:00-8:00pm. Meet the artist of this month’s featured exhibit “Such Great Heights”. Join us for an evening of imagination, art chat, and refreshments. “Keep it simple, and capture the feeling.” Using techniques and applications he’s developed in Scratchboard and Printmaking, James most recent works invites us to the top of the mountain to breathe in the fresh air. Armed with a palette knife and a simple color palette, his exhibit ‘Such Great Heights’ communicates not only the depth and temperature of the Summit, but the sublime beauty of its Peak. The subject may seem an unusual one for a ‘Navy Brat’ growing up in Dartmouth, but a wandering spirit would lead James to travel and work in the Canadian Rockies. These ‘trips’ led him to take an unconventional approach to Mountain Landscapes for this series, focusing on its Summit, as opposed to the view at a distance from below. “Both perspectives offer so much insight into our selves, but the imprint each makes on your soul is very different. The latter being a little more rare.”