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Folked Up Country Kitchen Party

A True East Coast Entertainer

James is a high energy singer- songwriter who exudes an electrifying presence as a seasoned live entertainer, forging immediate and profound connections with his audience. A natural-born front-man, he captivates listeners with his soulful voice, mischievous grin, and a sprinkle of lighthearted humor, creating an authentic and delightful musical experience.

With a magnetic vibe that’s part stadium show, part kitchen party, James’ live performances harness a traditional east-coast, throw-down energy with a heavy dose of raw vocal power at its centre. A dynamic performer with a bare-bones approach to arrangements, he’s as comfortable connecting with 20 people as he is 2,000, with a band or alone with acoustic guitar in hand.

While James regularly treats his audience to an eclectic fusion of 80s classics, Pop-Rock sensations, and the soul-stirring charm of Irish and East Coast tunes, he also takes great pride in promoting his own collection of original compositions, revealing his unwavering commitment to artistic expression. While he astounds with his growling renditions of Great Big Sea and The Irish Rovers, and his covers of rugged vocal virtuosos like Springsteen and Mellencamp never fail to impress, his reinterpretations of Blue Rodeo, John Denver, and Van Morrison will linger in your memory well after the show is over.

What really separates James from most artists is the way he connects with his audience, wielding his raspy, gritty, soulful voice with emotional precision to deliver heart-felt melodies or barn-burning sing-a-long anthems. Call his style what you will – Folked up Country, Country Rock or maybe just plain Entertainment – but singer-songwriter James Ferris knows how to connect to an audience and deliver.