From the recording Fake it so Real EP

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Every Deed I’ve Done – James Ferris & The James St. North, 2019
Written by: James Ferris and Ron Cole

Verse 1:
Sun is breakin’ in through the window
Tellin’ me it’s time for change
Finally gonna answer the question
I got my ticket, gonna board that train

Verse 2:
Coffee’s on in the kitchen
I’m-a-gonna study every deed I’ve done
I got a couple tears in the fabric
Every little battle I’ve lost or won

Verse 3:
Set my sights on tomorrow
Make it better than it is today
Cut free the stones of-a-weighting
Shed another skin on New Year’s Day

Bridge 1:
I, my mind is open.
My heart is clean.
My soul is hungry.
Let this love

Bridge 2:
Awake me. (Let this love.)
Shake me. (Let this love.)
Break me. (Let this love.)
Take me.
And make me new again.

Verse 2:
Coffee’s on in the kitchen.
I’m-a-gonna study every deed I’ve done.

(Every deed I’ve done.) Every selfish intention.
(Every deed I’ve done.) Every knowing deception.
(Every deed I’ve done.) Every phony expression.
I wear the clothes of every single

(Deed I’ve done.) Every trust I have broken.
(Every deed I’ve done.) Viscous words I have spoken.
(Every deed I’ve done.) Every pleasure stolen.
I can’t break free from every single

(Deed I’vedone.) All the truth I have hidden.
(Every deed I’vedone.) Can’t be forgiven.
(Every deed I’ve done.) For the needs of my children.
All that I am.

Verse 2:
Coffee’s on in the kitchen. Coffee’s on.
I’m-a-gonna study every deed I’ve done. I need a little sugar man.

Repeat to fade.